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Freight Agents Wanted .. Apply Now

You may qualify to enter into our free freight agent training program. We have several Freight Broker Firms who will sponsor the right person. If you meet the qualifications below then reach out to LFS on how to receive free freight agent training with guaranteed placement.

Notice : If your a company driver or owner operator and your looking to make a transition. You do qualify for our Free Freight Agent Training Program. Please contact us ASAP as there are Limited Positions Available.

In General your circumstances and time within logistics plays a factor as well. Our General guidelines for fulfilling a freight agent position are listed below.

Qualifications Are :

  1. Must Verify and Prove 1 Year Logistics Experience. (Truck Drivers, Freight Brokers, ETC)

  2. Truck Drivers Are Approved who are looking to transition from leaving the truck driver industry  to becoming a professional freight agent.

  3. Or Individuals with a solid verifiable sales experience previously but no logistics knowledge are possible candidates.

  4. Must Dedicate 40 Hours A Week for your first 2 months.

  5. Must be willing to dedicate to an intensive and focused training program.

  6. Must have a home virtual business office established with high speed internet.

  7. Must be willing to work as a team member and cooperate within a network.

  8. Must be willing to brand them selves and represent Americas Best Freight Broker Firm.

  9. Must not have been convicted of a felony within the last 5 years.

  10. Must Posses Integrity and Honesty always.

Please note that we operate within a Network who is connected within certain Key Niche Trade Industries. We are looking for individuals who can work within a team with integrity and honesty.