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Updated on 07/20/2020
Please download the freight broker training manual that will allow you to follow along with the recordings. It is best that you have it printed out so that you can begin to make notes and build your logistical knowledge on paper for better learning.

Logistics Definitions By Audio

Click on the file below and receive over 200 audio recordings on different logistics terminology. Add these audios to your logistics data and learn the different key words that is used within the transportation industry.

The Trucking Industry Needs You! Become Knowledgeable And Help Them Grow. 

Knowledge Makes You Valuable !

Step 1 : Begin Here

Listen To Your Starting Point
Introduction to training Program
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In 2019,DOT law enforcement conducted its annual Roadcheck Inspection blitz. During the blitz, 67,072 inspections were conducted, and officials placed 12,019 trucks and 2,784 drivers out of service (OOS) for violations. Top vehicle OOS violations were for braking systems, tires and wheels, brake adjustments, and cargo securement. Top driver OOS violations were for hours of service, wrong license classes, and false logs.

This means :


Step 2 : Understand Your Market

Step 3 : Listen to Chapter 1 &2

Chapter 1
Understanding What A Freight Broker's Job Duty
Chapter 2
Structures Of Transportation
How To Class Freight In 4 Minutes
LTL Freight.... Get It Straight !
Interstate & Intrastate Difference

Step 4 : Learn Dispatching 

Why Dispatch Knowledge Is Important
Become Americas Greatest Dispatcher .   Click Here
Do not proceed to Step 5 Until You Have Finished Dispatch Training. Be patient and take your time !

Step 5 : Follow Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Understanding Your Shippers And Carriers
Chapter 3 Part 1  Outline "Purpose Of Your Shipper"
Chapter 3 Part 2,  Outline "Package Checklist"
Chapter 3 Part 3,  Outline "Importance Of Carriers"
Work Flow Of Your First Load 
Finding Shippers By SIC Code Method
Understanding Traffic Lanes And How To Create Them 

Step 6 : Understand Compliance

Important Compliance Subjects To Learn Below !
Understand Important Compliance Issues by following the outlines and Videos below. You must fully understand the daily compliance trucking companies must follow.
Understand Driver Hours Of Service
Understanding CSA Score
Pre Trip Inspection
Tire Tread Inspection
Air Brake Trip Inspection
Trailer Inspection
Understanding IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

Listen To Important Message

Why You Need To Know IFTA
IFTA And IRP Record Keeping By State
What Is IFTA And How Does It Work ?
Trucking Company DOT Audit : Staying Compliant
A 5 Part Must See Trucking Compliance Video Series by OOIDA. Please take your time and learn what a new trucking company must do to complete their Safety Audit. This is a crucial service that you can offer to help your trucking company clients. You also become knowledgeable within DOT compliance.
Chapter 4
Understanding Freight Rates
Percentage Pay Or Mile Pay For Carriers
Chapter 5
Working with freight funding company
How To Build Residual Income With Factoring Companies ?
Make Sure A Trucking Company gets Paid By OOIDA ! Great Info
Chapter 6
Different Types Of Freight Brokering. The Do's and Dont's
Chapter 7
Broker Bonds And Insurance
Freight Broker Bond Information
Chapter 8
Freight Claims
Chapter 9
Trailer Equipment
3 Main Types Of Trailers For New Brokers To Start With
How To Properly Tarp A Flat Bed Trailer
Understanding How Refrigerated Trailers Operate
Securing Freight Safely In A Dry-Box Trailer
Chapter 10