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The Start Of LFS


Logistical Forwarding Solutions was started over 20 years ago by Michael Thomas.Dedicated and determined to bring transparency into the logistics industry Logistical Forwarding Solutions was born to be Americas best logistics consulting, freight education  resource, and to build the best freight dispatch services for Trucking Company owners and owner operators to grow and build within. The purpose was to establish a complete freight dispatch system of networking with consistent freight lane building. This was the vision for LFS in the beginning and still drives us forward every day.


LFS soon realized that building a freight brokerage was a daunting task to accomplish and one of the biggest challenges was how to work with competent trained professionals. LFS also realized that in order to grow a solid agency, you must have knowledgeable freight professionals and the only way to accomplish this was to build a training program that taught the foundation to true freight movement.Many freight agents turned to LFS for training and support for several years as the brokerage begin to grow. Moving freight daily with consistency has always been the focus of LFS and even more today. Logistical Forwarding Solutions learned that solid knowledge is the true key to moving freight within logistics.


Several years later, once the brokerage begin to settle in and LFS had positioned solid true freight broker agents through out the country, the changes within the industry started showing us the problems that new trucking company's where facing. The lack of communication between the driver and real time lane changes, the inconsistency within the dispatch and the loss of time drivers where facing from dead heading and down time waiting on a good load. One of the biggest problems we saw that bothered us more than anything was the lack of overall company compliance that allowed our truckers to run smoothly. The day to day parts of their business and how to stay compliant with FMCSA. We have seen small trucking company's come and go over the years and most of the reasons they go under is from pure lack of business concepts and management that over takes them later. The FMCSA drops many carriers each year from lack of paying insurance premiums that over take small company's from growing to fast and leasing on to many trucks that causes policy renewals to be in the thousands. 

We saw the everyday struggles that small trucking company's have and how this effects logistics all the way through. The shortage of drivers or trucking company's today could be strengthen if more freight brokers would become better equipped with services that would help their  trucking clients with compliance management and logistical business development..


Logistical Forwarding Solutions continues today with services that allows trucking company's to be built and operated from the beginning of an idea until moving the loads and building future freight lanes. We have the ability to take logistical professionals and create a solid way of learning by being involved in freight broker and trucking company development situations while themselves are learning the ground floor of building a true brokerage that moves loads. LFS is being sought after by many owner operators looking to retire from their truck, replace themselves with another driver and work from home as a freight agent. LFS has the experience to help truck drivers build a solid business while they transition out of their truck and working from home. 

We believe that by doing is how you learn. We have worked for many years helping others find the right way to get started within logistics. The real benefit we see in these relationships we build with our trucking company's and freight brokers is that it allows us to network and create more doors of opportunity that allows the trucking company's to find good paying freight with a solid growing asset based business. We take each individual within our consulting program and place them into a real hands on beginning phase of a trucking company and freight brokerage combined. LFS has developed groups all over the United States practicing this logistical development campaign.All of our clients are able to grasp the realness of the industry and learn by doing. Many of our clients have gone on to owning large trucking fleets, to making 6 figures a year.

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