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About Me 

Hi everyone, I'm Michael Thomas and when I'm not trekking thru the Jungles of Asia, I can be found working within logistics as I have always done for almost 25 years. My life is devoted to logistics and I am passionate about bringing professionalism and integrity within an industry that myself and my family have been involved with. My job is to help trucking companies grow and I call myself a true Professional Logistics Service Provider. Below is some more information of what involvements I have within logistics. 

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Michael Thomas

Platinum Freight Broker

I work daily as a freight broker with an amazing 3pl Licensed Freight Broker firm. I operate a Platinum Freight Agent Contract business with the Broker Firm. My job is to build trucking company's by supplying consistent freight.

DOT Compliance Services
Logistical Forwarding Solutions

Truck Compliance Specialist

I work daily providing consulting and solutions for trucking owner operators and truck companies. I also provide New Truck Entrant DOT Audit Services. Common solutions are DOT and MC Authority services, IFTA reporting, New Truck Entrant Audit, UCR Registration and other DOT Compliance Solutions.

Carrier Connect TMS Software


Logistics Software Development

Im currently involved with a 10 year mission of producing a TMS Software for start up freight broker and trucking companies.

Logistics Education Specialist

I work daily providing education resources for freight broker firms and have been doing so for almost 25 years. We build trucking companies thru knowledge and establish foundations within these companies for new freight contracts and solid compliance foundations.

Freight Broker Training Course
PLSPA Member

Association Member

I Proudly serve on the Board with the PLSPA (Professional Logistics Service Provider Association). I strive to help make logistics a better industry for the future to come.

Logistics Author

I've written several logistics training materials, freight broker training courses that have been distributed to thousands of people all over the world. I also write weekly blog articles pertaining to logistics topics.

The Purpose Driven DriverDevotional Book For Truck Drivers
Freight Broker Training Course By Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Truck Driver Recruiter

Truck Driver Recruiter

I build trucking companies and for this reason I have amazing trucking company's looking for a great CDL Truck Driver. You can visit my website if your a truck driver and you want to work exclusively with me.

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