I want this live stream to be about all of us expressing who we are. Letting our true self show thru music and friends.  Thank you for joining me tonight. And Thank you for listening to who I am. I hope you can find something meaningful from us meeting tonight. Im Glad You Came. You Know, we have all been shaped by events in our life, And that is what made us who we are today. YouTube has given us a place to meet and share those feelings with friends. I've always kept the king's music part of my life since his sound has always been right around the corner.  What has shaped you in the past and made the pieces of your life today.  Leave A Comment Below Thank .


We are all defined by moments in our life ? What Made You Who You Are Today 

 I want to share with you a small piece of my life that shaped me into who I am today. Please leave a comment of what made you who you are now.  I was born down the street from Graceland the home of elvis in Memphis Tennessee, and was raised for many years as an orphanage because my father was arrested one night and lost three of his children. When I was older to walk away from the orhange I would set and sometimes fall asleep at the gates of Graceland, Elvis Presley's home and dream for something more and better for my life. I was lucky to meet my father after a long time of researching and I met Bob my real father later in life for the first time......he told me that he always dream of becoming something amazing to make me proud and he one day would show up to my home and pick me up in a limousine. This never happened, and he died with out me next to him soon after I met him. Also My real mother later died 3 months after..... from what the doctors told me was a broken heart. 


I came to realize.. that the son I have now.. I will cherish the time until the last days. This shaped me forever and I have never forgotten my short time with my real mother and father.  Even though you never came and got me in a fancy limousine Bob  , one day we will ride together and thank you for those amazing few days of being my father.

I Have failed So Many Times.... My Son Has Given Me the reason To Be Great ! And Now He Is Shaping Who I am Daily. The Next Chapter In My Life.

Thinking About You