A complete guide on where and how to start your logistics freight broker business.

You want to become a freight broker or freight agent and move loads every day from your computer while being at home and begin to move forward to generate an income within $6 figures potential earnings a year. Or perhaps you just want to make enough money so that you can stay home and work from home and actually be able to pay the bills. Freight Brokering is a great business to be part of today and must be done the right way to succeed.

For this reason you have been involved with a proper freight broker training course, and now you are ready to take the next steps in building a solid career moving freight. If your looking for a complete and personal dispatch training, visit LFS Freight Broker Training Website Here .

Your starting point to getting there is to become the best freight dispatcher around and start building a working relationship with a few trucking companies to provide freight for. This will lead you to your next phases for later brokering loads as a freight broker agent yourself within the next few months. The ultimate goal is to become a freight broker and these next few steps are what takes you there.

Being a freight broker is only accomplished by you learning how to become a freight dispatcher and developing your skills and knowledge about the trucking industry and software for load movement.

Some key information that you must know with every load in order to book loads consistently as a freight broker or dispatcher are :

  • Direction of Lane and Rate.

  • Available Back-loads

  • Type of Freight Commodity and Equipment Needed

  • Weight

  • Drivers HOS time

  • Pick and Drop times

  • Shippers contact information

  • On-boarding

Any person wanting to be responsible of helping carriers get better freight today must be knowledgeable within logistics. Remember knowledge should be guiding you and helping you implement where to start your freight broker business. Understanding your duties and responsibility is making the right decisions now and get educated.

You are now ready to launch your first steps and where to start is the decision of making it or having a failed broker business. The biggest answer to how to start is answered in this article. You start at the bottom ! Book a load !

Below I will give you my advice on where I see new freight agents begin point and when to actually make contact with shippers and carriers to start their freight broker career. How to take the knowledge you just received and turn it into money that will sustain you as you grow your freight broker business.

I always tell anyone that a true freight broker is a person who builds trucking companies. This person is a true entrepreneur who understands the trucking industry, networking with other brokers and builds a solid social media marketing plan to connect with truck driver’s.

Here’s 4 critical starting points that anyone who wants to move freight with carriers should consider.


You will want to understand the services you have to offer to a carrier:

Knowing the right services to offer as a legal freight dispatcher and understanding how to sale your skills and services is where your business strategy needs to focus . Dont you want to know what it is you truly are wanting to become ? Its n