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Why LFS Uses Ascend TMS For Our Transportation Management Software

ASCEND TMS Dispatch Software
Transportation Management Software

Digital logistics is critical in today's business world, and companies who wouldn't do away with traditional systems like paper-based documentation will eventually suffer a financial hit. Although this industry encompasses numerous facets such as TMS, freight forwarding, and cloud-based software management, we can readily summarize logistics as the process that manages the acquisition, storage, and transportation of resources to their eventual destination. That brings us to the question, "Why did Logistical Forwarding Solutions (LFS) choose Ascend TMS to streamline their logistics procedures?" Here we will be discussing the effect of this decision on LFS and its customer base at large. Keep reading to find out more. Ascend TMS: What Is It Really About? Ascend TMS is the world's leading cloud-based transportation management system (TMS), providing shippers and carriers with a whole new world of solutions and convenience in the logistics industry. This freight broker software delivers real-time visibility into fleet performance, enabling the majority of logistics firm managers to make more informed decisions that benefit their overall operations. As recommended by logistics specialists, the TMS industry-leading software is ideal for a variety of company types, including freight forwarding firms, import/export firms, and transportation service providers. For over 19 years, Logistical Forwarding Solutions (LFS) has been at the forefront of logistics services (e.g., truck dispatching, freight dispatcher training, and freight broker training). With the integration of Ascend TMS into LFS, it's certain that management and optimization of transportation services will be far more seamless. Already, it has supplied us with the data necessary to guarantee that our automobiles are properly maintained and that we have enough data to make informed decisions about fleet scheduling, maintenance, and other fleet management issues. In our opinion, the software's ease of use is also a huge asset.

AscendTMS: What Does It Offer? As a cloud-based SaaS product, this freight broker software application enables iOS and Android devices in addition to web browsers to execute tasks such as load management, payment, and interaction with third-party modules. It also allows more tight integration of warehouse, transport, and end-consumer information, which is required more than ever before. Some of its features are as follows: Seamless Reporting: Users can quickly get relevant information regarding dispatchers, sales times and dates, and their most profitable customers via the dashboard. As a result, this reporting system assists users and business owners in determining where to focus their efforts and attention. Manage Documents: Ascend TMS software enables users to manage documents effectively and collaboratively, which is critical or achieving operational goals. Whether you're reading and scanning PODs received from drivers, adding papers to carriers, or monitoring driver documentation, Ascend makes everything simple. Fleet Health: It gives thorough health reports for each vehicle in the fleet. Likewise, preventive maintenance plans, fuel use trends, and other important health reports are all available. Maintenance Schedules: This module contains complete information about the maintenance schedules for each vehicle in the fleet. Preventive maintenance programs and oil changes are available for each vehicle based on miles, time since the last service, vehicle age, and other performance-related parameters (e.g., hard or soft braking). Transportation Management System (TMS): as a TMS and freight broker software, it delivers real-time information about the location and performance of the company's fleet of vehicles (trucks and trailers). Managers can also use the software to track, monitor, and text drivers all from the same dashboard. Additionally, you'll have real-time visibility into driver availability and compliance with corporate policies.

Accounting: With Ascend TMS, customers can easily integrate third-party accounting solutions and access critical accounting features on the move, such as customer statements, invoicing, and settlement. Telematics and electronic logging devices: Users are no longer restricted to their offices in order to access ELD and administrative requirements. With Ascend TMS,users can update and view this information in real-time from any location. Fleet Performance: The Fleet Performance module consolidates data from all AscendTMS modules to generate detailed fleet performance reports for each vehicle in the fleet. Route history, fuel usage, hours-of-service compliance, and speed limit breaches are all available. Managers can utilize these reports to identify possible concerns early on, allowing them to take remedial action before they escalate into serious ones.

… But is that all there is to AscendTMS? Here are some additional facts we found out at LFS: 1. Increased Efficiency: With Ascend TMS, users may more efficiently and effectively manage their transportation demands. Also, they can utilize the system to schedule shipments, track orders, and check carrier performance. This results in improved shipping times and cost savings. 2. Reduced Environmental Impact: By utilizing Ascend TMS, users can assist their organization in reducing its environmental impact. The technology enables companies to monitor and manage emissions associated with their transportation activities, Thus enabling them to attain sustainability objectives. 3. Improved Customer Service: With Ascend TMS, companies may send real-time updates to their customers on shipment progress and estimated delivery dates. This contributes to an increase in consumer satisfaction, trust build, and loyalty. 4. Scalability: The Ascend TMS and freightbroker software is a scalable solution. With the option to add modules and services, Ascend TMS creates a flexible platform that enables fleet managers to perform their duties more effectively.

5. Improved Visibility into Transportation Processes: Ascend TMS gives users a complete picture of their transportation processes. This enables them to pinpoint inefficiencies and make required adjustments to boost performance. 6. Cost-Effective Solutions: To deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions, Ascend TMS has built a modular architecture that enables easy expansion. The key components are developed on a single platform with an open architecture that enables simple integration and customization. This enables fleet managers to add new content or upgrade existing modules fast and easily as needed. 7. Scalability: Because Ascend TMS is a cloud-based solution, it can easily be scaled to suit the needs of growing enterprises. This allows staff to continue to access the tools and capabilities they require as their organization grows. 8. Simplicity: The Ascend TMS / business trucking software is meant to be intuitive and straightforward to use for all staff members – from management to drivers, technicians, dispatchers, and more! A single user interface enables anybody in the organization who requires vehicle information – whether drivers or managers – to quickly access critical vehicle information via the dashboard. 9. Enhanced Security: Ascend TMS includes various security measures, including data encryption and user authentication. This ensures that there's no security breach and users feel confident exchanging essential data through the software. 10. Cost Savings: Businesses using Ascend TMS should expect to save money on overall transportation expenditures. Users can streamline their shipping operations and avoid overspending with the system's capabilities and functionality. Finally:

Digital logistics is cloud-based, and it promotes collaboration, optimization, and visibility between stakeholders in a supply chain. With this in mind, LFS picked Ascend TMS as its freight broker software because it is a complete, cloud-based solution that provides a centralized platform for managing all elements of transportation operations.

It is intended to assist fleets in increasing efficiency, reducing expenses, and enhancing customer service. Additionally, Ascend TMS delivers real-time access into fleet performance, enabling LFS to make more informed decisions that benefit the overall operation of the business.

… By now, you can understand why Ascend TMS is a critical component of our fleet management solution.


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