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What Is A Freight Broker Process Agent ?

Freight Broker Process Agent
LFS Can Help You Find The Best Process Agent

A process agent is a person or company representative of your freight broker or trucking company that upon whom legal papers may be served on your behalf. This is usually required by US State law and is also known by registered agent,a resident agent or statutory agent. The FMCSA requires all trucking companies, freight broker companies, and freight forwarders to have a process agent within each 50 states. The filing is done by a form called a BOC-3.

You can find many companies who will represent you as a process agent in each 50 states and there is also a list of these companies provided by the FMCSA. You can find the list of process agents for freight broker companies here

The reason for having a processing agent is if their was ever filed a claim against your company for legal matters, the processing agent will have the responsibility of notifying your freight broker company and forwarding the legal documents to your business address.

If your having trouble with finding the right process agent for your trucking company or freight broker business, feel free to contact Logistical Forwarding Solutions and we would be happy to refer you to a great processing agent company.


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