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Most In-depeth Freight Broker Training Course that Includes Truck Dispatching Course And Passive Income Trucking Course Combined Into 1 Course

LFS Consulting

Our Complete Logistics Courses Are Taught Through Freight

Freight Broker Training Course

Freight Dispatching Course Included

The idea of becoming a freight broker is very appealing. Any individual who is knowledgeable enough about what a freight broker truly is can create a passive income and build a freight broker business from any where in the world and still be working with American Company's. We teach at Freight University Online Course that understanding the Art of the DEAL is what every broker must learn. The freight broker course has all this knowledge about business development and how to truly make money as a freight broker.

Freight Broker Certification Is Offered On This Course Learn More

Logistical Business Development Program

If you are looking to start your own freight broker business or trucking company, then please read carefully as you might qualify for our LFS Logistics Development Program.  For anyone looking to create passive income within the trucking industry, the Logistics Developmental Program is a must. The program includes multiple business model courses as well as an in-depth study of building and starting a freight business within logistics and trucking.


Freight Dispatching Course

Included in our Freight University Online course you will have a personal Freight Dispatching Course that allows you to gain the knowledge and skills it takes to book loads for carriers. The freight dispatching course will show and teach you how to become a seasoned truck dispatcher and what it takes to work with freight brokers daily. Also within our freight dispatching course you learn that the stepping stone to becoming a true freight broker is within your truck dispatching skills and how to build consistent loads for each of your carriers. The freight dispatching course also includes learning how to implement a proper TMS system that allows you to stream line your dispatching services with a professional business foundation. The freight dispatcher course also teaches you how to build your business and market for carriers while working with load board solutions and professional broker companies. 

Enroll into Our Freight University Online Course and enjoy an in-depth entrepreneurial experience of learning the trucking industry of America and how you can be a part of it.

LFS has taken 20 years of knowledge within the freight broker and trucking company industry and combined the information into a complete do it yourself online freight broker training and freight dispatcher course experience at an unbelievable low cost budget for anyone who wants to learn at their own pace. We offer our broker training at Freight Our broker training course has been created into a virtual audio logistics training experience that enables anyone to learn how to become a freight broker or freight agent. You also learn how to become a dispatcher with our freight dispatcher course included in the DIY online training and you will gain all the necessary skills to build a complete full circle logistics business. The freight dispatching course included also comes with hours of audios, videos, and outlines to help anyone who is looking for an amazing dispatcher training course or freight broker training course .You can listen to more than 60 hours of freight broker and truck dispatching course training information from anywhere in the world on any device utilizing wifi.LFS freight Broker Training Course is the most in-depth and entrepreneurial minded training course for anyone who wants to succeed within logistics. 

About Our Freight Dispatching Course 

LFS Logistics Developmental Online Course combines all 3 course subjects into 1 powerful and indepth study course. We completely believe that in order to become a Professional Logistics Service Provider, the 3 courses combined is imperative as it is the stepping stone of working with carriers. For this reason anyone looking to learn from our Logistics Broker course will have the opportunity to learn further in-depth logistics training. 

Freight Dispatching Course | Freight Broker Training Course | Trucking Passive Income

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