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Freight Dispatcher Course

Our Freight Dispatcher Training Course is the most up to date entrepreneurial training program available.  You will not find more information in any of the other freight dispatcher training programs.  In our 20 years of logistical business development, we have fine-tuned the best structure for online training.  If you are dedicated to starting a “real” freight dispatch business, LFS can help you make it happen. With our knowledge and your dedication, you will be able to start making money within weeks of starting the dispatch training.


LFS knows what to do when it comes to moving freight and is capable of providing the right knowledge foundation for key people. The people that take this knowledge and apply it will be able to turn it into a good income.  Not only is the training an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to generate a good income but it also helps us find the best of the best to possibly join our team.  The individuals that are able to grasp the training and really want to make a change can start to build a substantial logistical dispatch business, possibly within LFS.


To qualify for our Freight Dispatcher Training Program 

  • You will need to dedicate 2 hours a week for your first 2 months

  • Must be willing to dedicate to an intensive and focused entrepreneurial freight dispatcher training program.

  • Must have a home virtual business office established with high speed internet.

  • Must be willing to work as a team member and cooperate within a network.

  • Must be willing to brand themselves and represent America's best Freight Broker Firm.

  • Must not have been convicted of a felony within the last 3 years.

  • Must show Integrity and Honesty at all times.

  • Must be willing to Successfully complete the LFS Freight Dispatcher Training Course


Within our Freight Dispatcher Training you will receive a very clear understanding of the “freight dispatcher” methods and legal requirements to operate your dispatch business the right way and legally.  To become a freight dispatcher there are a few things you need to know.  


The term, Freight Dispatcher, Truck Dispatcher is not recognized in the FMCSA CFR Regulations.  In order to be a legal freight dispatcher you are required to work under a carrier’s active MC number or for a freight brokerage company.  Because of this, you will need to find a carrier or freight broker that will allow you to represent them while searching for freight information and soliciting carriers to dispatch freight for.  Also, to be a freight dispatcher, you need to have access to freight…..but you can’t legally move freight without a carrier and a shipper.  We call this “Catch 22” and our program explains in detail how to overcome this obstacle. A true Professional Logistics Service Provider will have the skills to acquire freight knowledge and carriers at the same time. We have all the answers to the “freight dispatcher” controversy questions! LFS will show you how to work with trucking companies who need your skills and services taught within our freight dispatcher course.


We have perfected our 4-point training system over the previous 20 years and if you apply every point of the system it could allow you to begin working in the logistical industry within 4 weeks of starting the program.  All you need to do is follow the 4 point LFS system that is taught in great detail for your success…..

  1. Follow Study Material 

  2. Listen to the live classroom audio teachings.

  3. Apply what is taught thru the audio teachings.

  4. Work as a freight dispatcher while also learning with LFS.


Following the freight dispatcher training program and being involved with the learning program is the most productive way to learn the dispatch system and in the end you could build a solid truck dispatch business. A business that can quickly generate you $500 to $1500 a week income.  The knowledge you gain is priceless and can prepare you for not only freight dispatching but you will also learn how to move to the next step, freight brokering.

The Freight Dispatcher Training Course is taught within Freight Course Program

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