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Find Freight Agent Placement With LFS

We Offer Freight Agent Placement

Freight Agents Wanted .. Apply Now

Almost all of our prospective freight agent students that attend our freight broker training find freight agent placement within one of our development firms. This means you have the opportunity to work under the umbrella of a strategically focused Freight Broker Agency Firm with the ability to grow an agency right from your home. 

It takes hard work and dedication, but with the right tools and team work attitude, anyone with the right freight agent training can become successful within the transportation industry.

Most freight brokerage firms will not bring on a new freight agent even if they have had some sort of training. They will ask for a book of business because this truly shows the firm the individual has knowledge and can be trusted to work under their freight broker company authority. There are two major factors that will keep a freight broker firm from hiring a new contract freight agent and those are it takes time for the new freight agent to learn and it can and usually cost the freight broker firm several thousands of dollars to work with a new freight agent.

It costs a brokerage time and money to take on new freight agents because of the amount of work assuring the freight agent is qualified and capable of performing. Plus, all freight agents are expected to secure their own shipper customers.  In most cases, the brokerage will not be giving you loads to move. Freight agents without any experience are simply an expense with only a possibility of revenue to a freight brokerage and considered to be a high liability issue.  

Freight brokerages also consider the cost of having to oversee inexperienced agents. Even with the best training, most people will need some sort of guidance and support. Inexperienced agents can make mistakes and these mistakes can be very damaging to a freight broker firm since the industry is regulated by the FMCSA. Most firms do not have a structure to baby sit new agents due to the loss of revenue the company incurs during the first few months of trying to oversee the new freight agent.


LFS has developed a program for new freight agents that will allow them to enter into a freight brokerage with a foundation for continuing education and support. Our accepting freight broker firms understands that with a little time and patience, you could be huge asset to their broker company after going through our training course with freight agent placement.

LFS  is looking to work with the best and we are willing to provide 20 years worth of freight broker development knowledge and training for the right candidate. LFS has been building and adapting how to build a freight broker business for the last 20 years for trucking company clients and freight brokerage's all over America.

LFS is hired routinely to work within corporate development for freight broker firms by providing a foundation for company training that enables freight brokers to stay competitive and have access to continuing education. Bottom line, LFS knows what to do when it comes to moving freight and we are capable of providing the right knowledge foundation for key people.

LFS offers a freight agent training program that will allow dedicated individuals to learn the art of freight brokering. While working and learning at the same time, LFS has a position within a new firm that is headed to the top of the 3pl industry. Your freight agent placement is secure if you pass the exams and commit to the training.

The freight agent training course fee for the right candidate is $510.00 one time and must be paid before entering the training program. During the training program the agent is given an opportunity to begin working within a firm for hands on experience. This opportunity is only offered after completing the Freight University Development Course.

What you receive as a Freight Agent Working With One of Our Partner Firms:

View Our Freight Agent Training Course Material

  • A non-exclusive agent agreement that will ensure both parties are satisfied and fully understand what is expected of one another.

  • No territory restrictions and no agent saturation.

  • Commission is paid weekly via ACH Direct Deposit on confirmed transactions. Agents should not have to wait for us to be paid before they get paid.

  • An Agent Manager will assist you with any issues over all departments and will also reach out frequently making sure everything is satisfactory.

  • Internet based TMS with customizable reporting and functionality via all modes of transport. Also includes Load Tracking.

  • You focus on sales and operations, while we handle the back-office work.

  • Financially sound, woman owned small business

  • Great credit rating

  • Experienced back office staff

  • Billing and collection service (saving you time!)

  • Professional marketing material

  • $75,000 Surety Bond

  • TMS and EDI capabilities

  • A/R Insured (no bad debt liability)

  • Carrier quick pay programs

  • Contingent cargo insurance

  • Home office support and pricing assistance

  • Sales and operations support

  • Familial company culture that cultivates growth

  • Training on " How To Become A Freight Agent and How To Dispatch Freight "

Contact us today and let us know your interested in freight training and freight agent placement within a partner brokerage.

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