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Why Choose US ?

They Choose Us Because We Work For Owner Operators

Logistical Forwarding Solutions Freight Broker Training Course
18 years in business freight broker

People who are wanting to build a logistical business for long term and create something that is actually tangible and real, choose to work with LFS for the main fact of its security and realness. Starting a freight broker business or trucking company by yourself is dangerous enough with all the unknowns and regulations that continue to haunt us all. Having a team to work within and a solid educational back ground that supports not only logistical freight brokering education, but also a platform for knowledge and investment within logistics is what makes LFS attractive to hard core entrepreneurs. LFS has stepped outside the box with innovation and methods that attracts the key people within logistics to make your business success and profitable.

At the core of LFS is the confidential freight broker group meetings. These peer-to-peer sessions take place DAILY and they provide a unique forum for learning and relationship building among individuals facing the challenges and opportunities of managing and building a dedicated freight business. All of LFS team members are engaged  in meetings that are full of continuing and development freight broker education within the logistics industry covering freight broker training and trucking company start-up development.


This creates a foundation for potential members to build from and grow a successful freight broker business and freight dispatch service. There is no better way of creating a new logistics stream of income than to be networked with same mind thinking individuals within the same industries who are with you along the journey connecting freight.

This LFS Education learning experience improves each Member’s logistics investment acumen through peer feedback and critique, while exploring logistics wealth preservation, asset based management, and freight broker business development. Our Members share their best thinking, experience, curiosity, and integrity with fellow group members, as well as the entire LFS freight broker community.


The range of expertise and investment styles among LFS members. All members are shared in a secure and intimate logistics freight broker and freight dispatch environment. This level of knowledge and expertise of trust and transparency, offers immeasurable insights and value to creating consistent freight lanes insight is not found anywhere else.

LFS has taken over 17 years of logistical development and freight broker business knowledge and shared it among its members. Many of our members come to the table with decades of information and experience within the freight broker community. LFS has learned that methods years ago are not the same as today and we must always be able to share knowledge and information to continue to grow within logistics. At the end of the day, We are focused on moving freight, this is what we thrive on !

Here are some questions and Facts on why choose LFS for your freight broker school and trucking company consultant:

  • I want to become a freight broker agent, does LFS help with that ?

Absolutely, we thrive on providing in depth freight broker agent education with our members. We also take it a step further with all of our members who are engaged with launching their freight broker business within our core program to begin freight brokering or working as a freight agent. Our freight agent training is built from the idea of not only providing you with the knowledge on how to move freight as a freight agent, but how to take that knowledge and apply it to your own business.


  • Why Do you offer A Freight Broker Training ?

We offer a freight broker training  for the main reason of building long term relationships and keeping our core focus on logistical development and trucking company management. We strive to bring like minded individuals into the same logistical field that we are all growing within. We do not tend to be a for public company for we find that most people are just looking for knowledge and then they tend to go their own directions. We have found that working together is the key to long term growth. All of LFS freight broker training candidates become members for long term.

  • I want to build a freight broker business that is successful. Does LFS help with that ?

Yes. We also want to build success from within. Most of our members are not only active in freight brokering, but also in trucking company ownership and investing. Being part of a team allows us all to get better and stronger together. The LFS Development Program is for those entrepreneurs who wish to build their own freight broker business or trucking company with a 6 month consulting plan that enables them to start from ground zero. You can join the development program here if interested

  • How long have you been working within logistics ?

For more than 21 years within logistics and 18 years helping the logistics public within freight brokerage and trucking company development. LFS builds opportunity for freight movement by various methods and networking situations. Our members are the heart of this. LFS owns trucks, freight brokerage, and have invested into logistics for years.

  • How do I qualify to become a student for learning on how to become a freight broker with LFS ?

Becoming a freight broker student of LFS is not that difficult. We would like for you to reach out to us and discuss the plans and options that best suits your needs. Once we have finished the phone interview you can enroll in one of our logistics training programs. We do not offer the Logistics Development Program to everyone as this is designed for the individual who is looking to invest and open a logistics business under the guidelines of the FMCSA.

  • How do I make money being a freight broker after learning with LFS?

All of LFS members are engaged within logistical investment. Each group is focused within key freight lanes and are applying the knowledge and skills from within the group and establishing freight movement. Members have built successful relationships with key focuses on targeted niche markets and investment into assets and more. Many members are working as freight agents or have their own freight broker business. We also have members who are investing into trucks to move their freight within their freight agent business.These methods are what make LFS unique and outside of the box. LFS membership is sought after by true logistical entrepreneurs and growing . Our members are focused on growth and business entrepreneur techniques that are proven and result in freight movement that creates consistent profits.

  • Do you offer freight agent placement?

Absolutely ! We would not want to leave anyone behind. LFS knows its important for new freight broker agents to work within an environment that is going to help them move forward. This takes time and patience from a freight broker firm. We offer placement within a firm that understand you might be new to the industry, but with time and the right tools, you could be very successful and a great asset to the company. You can learn more here about freight agent placement.

  • How long does it take for me to become a freight agent or freight broker?

Typically it takes the average person a few months to become comfortable with the task of moving freight and working independently with fully understanding the mechanics of the entire load process. The freight agent training last for 2 months and enables you to learn organically. If your working in the Logistics Development Program building your own freight broker or trucking company business, this program will typically last 6 months. Regardless of the program, you should still allow yourself a few months before being comfortable of moving freight loads consistently.