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Art Of The Deal. Our Logistical Developmental Program



In-depth Broker Training That Teaches You How To Start A Trucking Company Enroll in the online program at Freight University.Com

They key to success within logistics development is to understand the art of the deal and also you can not do it alone, LFS builds a solid foundation that creates a full circle for logistics freight movement that last. Our program will put you on the path thru our freight broker training course that allows you to have the skills to build trucking company's.

NO matter what business your working in...We are all brokers in one way or another .....

Michael Thomas

If your an individual looking to start a freight broker business and what to learn from a real freight broker training course that enables yourself or a possible client of yours to start a trucking company, then please read carefully as you might qualify for our LFS Development Program.


The program has a fee of $865.00 and is considered to be priceless. This freight broker training program is designed for the serious logistics entrepreneur.  Inquire about Logistical Development Program


The freight broker training development program is for those looking to build a complete circle of logistics foundations and offer a complete freight broker business solution. The program usually last for 4 to 6 months while implementing and set up. 


Becoming part of our Logistics Developmental Freight Broker Training Course will guarantee your education and knowledge within freight brokering and trucking company development, and it will take you a step further.


LFS has learned over the last decade that as critical as knowledge is, its what happens after you have obtained the knowledge. This is the core reason our Logistics Network Groups where built. Taking our freight broker training knowledge and turning it into a solid freight business is what LFS has done for nearly 20 years. Our Logistical Development Program is built to help entrepreneurs create and develop a freight moving business from ground up. There is only one way to do this and that is understanding the movement of freight from all sides!


Every person needs a foundation to launch their knowledge, a group to back them not only financially, but with combined entrepreneurial ideas and a place to build from within. Individuals who are committed and serious about building a life changing career within logistics are encouraged to apply for our strategic

The Logistics Developmental Broker Training Course Program covers these areas for which an Individual would be focused within our freight broker training education program and hands on assistance into building their freight broker business :

  • Logistical freight broker training and trucking company development education and mentoring.

  • FMCSA and DOT requirements met for business establishment.

  • Developing an "Agent Based Business Model" Within your firm.

  • Website Development with back office

  • Strategically surveying key areas for consistent freight lanes within your State area.

  • Organically planting an asset based " Micro Trucking Company" ( You Do Not Have To Own Or Buy A Truck)

  • Building a Freight Broker Business Firm connected to Trucking Company.

  • Building an Owner operator and  driver relationship that last for consistency and growth.

  • Building a shipper contract that produces a profit within key industry.

  • Building compliance solutions for DOT regulatory.

  • Implementing TMS and dispatch methods.

  • Creating company documents.

  • 6 Months consulting and continuing mentorship.

  • ....more

LFS is no stranger to logistical trucking company start-up development and the process of building an asset based trucking company within a freight broker business. The freight broker training course is built for those who choose to go all the way!


In today's shippers market, this is what they expect in order to give contract freight to a freight broker business. We call it "Skin in the game". Shippers want to work with company's that are strongly diverse within the shipping industry and who can offer services completely. They also want to work with people who are professionals within their industry. Your focus as a solutions professional is to get into a freight system that works toward these goals. Our Logistics Developmental Freight Broker training Course Program is focused completely on this.

LFS has developed a "Trucking Company Start-Up Program" taught within our "Logistical Developmental Broker Training Course Program that allows an individual to build a trucking company without having to own trucks. Freight Broker Training program will allow an individual to learn how to create a foundation that delivers freight movement with consistency thru multiple methods. This is what we call a true freight broker business in today's logistics market.

Imagine having the opportunity to grow a tangible freight broker business that allows you to pass down to your family one day. The idea of owning a trucking company or freight brokerage is real and can be done with the right individual working towards building a knowledge and hands on experience to learn and apply towards getting freight consistency.

In order to be a successful freight broker, one must learn how to build trucking company's and provide freight broker services. This defines the true skills of a freight broker business.


Our freight broker training teaches that REAL Freight broker business builds trucking company's from enabling consistency of freight thru their skills and services offered within their freight broker business.

The Logistical Developmental Broker Training Program is for teaching and applying these methods when you start off.


LFS has a proven record of working with people within asset based development. Being part of our Freight Broker Training Course allows the individual to learn the true concepts of a trucking company structure which enables them to become the best freight broker business in the industry. There is no better method of learning the complete circle of logistics than by doing and building it yourself. LFS believes this to be the true and only way of learning how to become a freight broker. Our Freight Broker training Course is chosen by leaders in the industry and accepted by hundreds of other freight broker business in America.

LFS Logistical Developmental Freight Broker Training Course Program is focused on more key areas taught in real time scenarios :

  • Logistical Business Development Training Program

  • Logistical Business Entity set up

  • Freight Broker Training (How To Follow The Load Movement)

  • Freight Agency Set Up (Your with a branded company moving freight within a 3pl)

  • TMS Implementation

  • Understanding The Freight Broker Business Model

  • Trucking Company FMCSA Compliant Services

  • Dispatch Training Services

  • Load Board Implementation Training

  • Driver Compliance Training

  • Freight Lane Development Training

  • Trucking Company Consulting

  • Shipper Direct Set Up

  • Driver Retention

  • more......

This program will allow you to build a solid trucking company even if you do not own trucks or trailers. You will know how to move freight as a property broker, and you will understand how to take the knowledge and actually build a logistics business that moves freight with consistency.


LFS has a proven method that  will enable you to offer a trucking company for strategic drivers to begin to work and drive for you. The business model also enables you to add a solid freight brokerage to this company that creates what LFS calls a complete business circle of logistics.

Contact us today to discuss our consulting plan to help you begin to build a true freight broker business that launches a  legitimate trucking business that actually moves freight and opens the pathway for long term growth within the freight moving industry.

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