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8 Skills A Freight Broker Must Provide Your Trucking Company

A True Freight Broker Agent Should Provide your trucking company with these 8 services:

Trucking Company

1. A true freight broker will have an established logistical niche within certain industries. He or She will have the ability to manage your freight needs and also be able to forecast with new direct freight loads that allow your equipment to gain consistency. Their freight will match your equipment and needs.

2. A True Freight Broker Agent will post trucks within certain geograp

hic areas that allows you to maximize the type of drivers and equipment you have within your desired freight industry. They will understand traffic lanes and know how to position your driver with the right loads within your Hours Of Service time frame.

3. A True Freight Broker will build your freight lanes into solid consistency with loads that connect you directly to the shipper and supply your trucking company with back haul options.

4. A True Freight Broker is precise and professional on when they dispatch your trucks and manage your check calls for timely deliverance. They insure the driver has all the information needed and on call for assistance with pickup and delivery of their assigned freight load.

5. A True Freight Broker will assist you with your IFTA reports by providing you with detailed reporting on your freight loads and tracking your fuel expenses for your convenience. They will also offer to collect your fuel receipts on behalf of each driver to help manage your IFTA reporting.

6. A True Freight Broker is keeping you up-to-date with safety and maintenance compliance information and any new mandates or laws that affect your trucking company. It is their job to make sure your always informed and prepared for over the road compliance by the FMCSA and DOT regulations.

7. A True Freight Broker keeps your drivers satisfied with GPS and TMS services with great communication skills to assist the driver with load issues or document issues with the load movement.

8. A True Freight Broker Agent is a person who does not work alone and has a solid team who assist them in keeping your trucking company moving forward. They are always available to assist your company with growth and services.

​There are several other skills freight brokers should be giving your trucking company on a daily basis and these are determined by the experience and commitment of the freight broker. If your looking to work with a true freight broker, contact Logistical Forwarding Solutions today and we will help you with the right broker to move your freight loads.


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