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Efficient and timely delivery of shipments is the primary concern for the trucking companies and freight brokers. Instant gratification has penetrated in today’s consumers’ psyche. Whatever the customers want, they want it either to be in stock or now. If you are the company engaged in retail, manufacturing, distribution, third-party logistics, or e-commerce, and especially, if you are a freight broker, trucking company or a freight broker agent, a timely, secure and cost-effective transportation management is something that makes you stand out in the market.

Due to the increasing penetration of advance technology into logistics and transportation industry worldwide, we have been watching the growing trend of same-day delivery. Do you know that by 2020, the “same-day” delivery is expected to account for up to 50% hike in the logistics costs as a percentage of revenue? Trucking companies and freight brokers are increasingly looking for and exploiting every possible opportunity to control the increasing shipping costs without compromising quality and by streamlining their transportation management.

How Can The Trucking & Freight Management System be Streamlined?

A smartly developed Transportation Management Software, embedded with unique and customizable features, is a great tool for successfully managing the complicated and time-sensitive functions of logistics and distribution. The real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring system, reports generation, trucking compliance, freight mapping solutions and simple to use, intuitive user-interface are some of the key features a successful TMS software offers.

The TMS (Transportation Management Software) plans, executes and monitors the physical movement of products, goods, commodities and materials of various kinds. The Transportation Management Software brings freight mapping solutions that are most often used along with a Warehouse Management System or a business’s ERP system. Though the TMS software’s capabilities differ from vendor to vendor, the most common features and functions that must be included are dispatching, asset management, trucking management, freight brokerage, route management and integrated accounting.

The Benefits of TMS Software

When assessing the transportation management software, users often take into an account its ability to efficiently and effectively manage the key logistics and transportation functions including intermodal and LTL shipping, outbound and in-bound operations, local and overseas transportation and third-party trucking resources. The major and crucial operational functions, when automated via TMS software, offer significant benefits to your logistics and transportation functions. One of the most important benefits is the radical improvement in your customer service levels. Your supply chain operators and transportation analysts can gather performance data from TMS software and make modifications accordingly to address ineffective internal logistics processes, solve transportation partners’ problems and minimize customers’ complaints. Data accuracy is also improved to a great extent.

When integrated with WMS or ERP software, the Transportation Management Software also helps minimize data entry error. This is especially helpful for the trucking companies, freight management businesses and freight brokers as they are faced with tons of diverse data every day. The TMS adjusts and optimizes the distribution methods as per continuously changing customers’ needs. It also simplifies the process to manage these distribution methods.

With TMS software, you can also reduce significant cost involved in storing excessive inventory, as it helps your business to use JIT fulfillment strategies, having just as much inventory as is needed. The savings availed here can be passed onto your customers, which differentiates your services. Use these savings into re-investment of your operations. Though TMS’s freight mapping solutions and ability to ensure trucking compliance, you can also reduce the expedite costs of your business. Lastly, installing and using a TMS software improves the load consolidation capabilities. With a superior monitoring of the outbound shipments, your business can effectively stage and load the vehicles with little or zero wasted space.

Ascend TMS – Bringing Professional Logistics Management at Your Fingertips

Most of the transportation management software or freight mapping solutions are either very costly or have low trucking compliance, many of which are embedded with complex user-interface that requires months of training.

We have found a completely different and smartly developed TMS software; Ascend TMS, which is a complete logistics solution. It serves as your full time transportation and logistics partner, and is available in free-version. We have chosen this software as our recommendation, after critical analysis of the available TMSs in the market and because it has been ranked as No.1 by Crowd Reviews, Software Advice and Capterra.