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Strategic Logistics Services For Truck Companies
truck dispatch training course

LFS Offers a professional and tailored Truck Dispatch Training Course that allows you to learn from your truck dispatch training course on how to help carriers stay compliant and build consistency. We offer dispatch training in both of our in-depth freight broker training course and truck dispatch training course programs.

Truck Dispatcher Course

On-Board With LFS today to begin your no obligation full truck load dispatch services today. With our low 7% fee, you have nothing to loose and better freight to gain.

How To File A Freight Broker Complaint 

How To Filee A Freight Broker Complaint

Has your Trucking company been adversely affected by working with a "Non Professional" freight broker company or 3pl logistics company?  If so there is help for you. is here to help you with the process of collecting or changing a wrong doing that has happened to your trucking business. is sponsored by LFS

Learning how to become a freight broker today is one of the best home based businesses you can have. Our in-depth course will teach you how to become a freight broker and also how to become an amazing truck dispatch professional. Your job is to help keep America moving forward through the vast amount of freight that is transported everyday by full truck load broker services. LFS offers several options to help you meet your goals of starting your business as a freight broker or by working with one of our partner freight broker companies as a freight agent. Enroll In Course Here

Freight University.Online
Truck Dispatch Training And Freight Broker Training Course

LFS has been providing freight broker training course  and truck dispatch training course for over 18 years. Each year we continue to improve and make our freight broker training unique and also built into the training is truck dispatch training. Our focus is to help you learn how to take the knowledge and turn it into a realistic income by moving freight loads consistently and providing truck dispatch services thru your professional skills.

Learn More About Our Freight Broker Training Courses

The purpose of our Freight Broker Agent Training Course is to help individuals who desire to affordably learn the true concepts of becoming a Property Broker otherwise known as a Freight Broker. We also teach truck dispatch training within our freight broker training course. The program content is an accumulation of 20 years of freight brokering and trucking company development experience.

Freight Broker Researcher Certification And Truck Dispatch Certification Offered
Certification Freight Researcher Original FU.png

LFS Offers the #1 Most Prestigious Professional Logistics Certification within the Trucking Industry.


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Freigh Brokr Servies
Learn How To Become A Freight Agent

Learn With Us.. Work With Us ! We provide Freight Agent Placement !

Freight Agents Wanted .. Apply Now
How To Become a Freight Agent?
freight agent training

Many times a person will hear about a freight broker and the job of them moving freight with trucking companies. The persons interest is peeked when they also learn how they are able to work from home as a freight broker agent and make a decent income, and this makes any person wonder how they too can become a freight broker. Learning to become a freight broker can be rewarding and your job is to help build the trucking companies freight loads and help keep owner operators with dedicated loads and services to keep the dispatched consistently. Any person wishing to learn how to become a freight broker agent also needs to understand that freight broker training is crucial in order to be successful. An effective freight broker training course is essential for new property brokers. The true freight broker is a person knowledge, and the knowledge of freight is the key ingredient.

LFS has been providing multiple logistics services to trucking company's and freight broker businesses for more than 18 years. Our Truck Dispatch Training Course teaches individuals how to apply dispatch services to  trucking companies all over America. Our goal is to help you connect the Dots within logistics that ultimately leads to truck load freight being moved by your company.

Trucking Company Management
How To Start A Trucking Company ?
Start A Trucking Company

Logistics Consulting Services

If your looking to start a new trucking company, LFS has a proven consulting program that will jump start you to moving freight within 30 days. Learn More 

For a complete and comprehensive Freight Agent Training program, LFS has a virtual learning program with Agent Placement. Learn More

Every Trucking Company and Freight Broker business needs a website that truly shows the qualities and capabilities the logistics company has to offer. Yor website needs to connect you virtually to the transportation industry. Learn More

Learn how to be a professional Truck Dispatch service provider by attending our in-depth truck dispatcher training course. Become a true professional Logistics Service Provider and help carriers grow thru your truck dispatch training and knowledge Learn More

Truck Driver Recruiting Services

LFS Offers Americas #1 CDL Truck Driver Recruiting program. We have been working with truck drivers for more than 20 years and we know what truck driving is all about. Our goal is to help you find something special and a position within the logistics industry that will allow you to take your professional truck driving skills and knowledge to another level. Please visit our Truck Driving Recruitment Page and learn more. We look forward to working with you and being part of your Truck Driving Career.

CDL Truck Driver Recruiter Michael Thomas

Ive worked with LFS for over 8 years now and we continue to keep growing organically the right way with our Freight Broker Business

Jason Weathers
CEO of Blessed Transportation

Truck Drivers Wanted To Work With LFS
CDL Truck Drivers Wanted Work LFS

LFS has partnered with the best trucking company's who are working with us daily on development opportunity's for the best truck drivers to work with us. All of our partnered company's have been certified within truck dispatch training and have completed our professional freight broker training course and received certification from the Professional Logistics Service Provider Association. We work with each cdl truck driver and help them grow within logistics through our Driver Developmental Programs that ensure while your driving daily and moving freight, your also moving forward with long term goals and opportunities.

More Driver Information
Logistics Articles

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