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How To Become A Certified Freight Broker

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LFS Offers A Solution To Become A Certified Freight Broker

LFS offers a freight broker certification to any member who has completed our In-Depth freight broker training program. Becoming a certified freight broker and having the knowledge needed to move forward will help you obtain your freight broker license. Being a certified freight broker will also give you multiple opportunities to work with other freight broker companies who already have their freight broker license.

Your Certified Freight Broker Certificate Is Offered Thru The Professional Logistics Service Provider Association

Freight Broker Certification Offered By The PLSPA

Get Certified As A Professional Freight Researcher

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 Facts On How To Become A Certified Freight Broker Thru LFS

Who Offers The Certified Freight Broker Certification ?

LFS offers the "Professional Logistics Service Provider" Certified Freight Broker Certification for individuals who have successfully finished our Logistical Development Training Program.  The Certified Freight Broker Certification is honored and approved by the "Professional Logistics Service Provider Association"

How Do I Qualify For The Certified Freight Broker Certification ?

Once completing the broker training program within Freight University, you will be given a written and verbal test. You must pass the test with an average of 80% or more. Also your participation will be added to your overall score and final decision for you Certified Freight Broker Certification.


Is it Mandatory to become a Certified Freight Broker To Get My Freight Broker License ?

No. it is not mandatory to be a Certified Freight Broker and the Certification is not required by the FMCSA ..YET.. However having a Certified Freight Broker Certification thru LFS will show the Logistics Industry that you are a cut above others. It will also help you when you apply for your freight broker license. Most all of our student members gain an entrepreneurial knowledge with an invoke your thinking attitude when it comes to brokering freight or dispatching trucks. Our member students we like to think of as being the Elite and the TRUE "Professional Logistics Service Providers" within the industry.

I want To Be A Freight Dispatcher, Is Certification Available ?

Yes, You would be Certified as a "Professional Logistics Service Provider" which means you would have multiple skill sets that would allow you to work with trucking company's as a freight dispatcher or truck dispatcher. 

If I enroll Into Your DIY Freight Broker Training Course Online, Can I Still Get The Certified Freight Broker Certification ?

Unfortunately No. We offer the DIY (Learn On Your Own) Freight Broker Training Course for those who wish to just take their time and learn how to become a freight broker or truck dispatcher on their own. You would have to be enrolled in one of our other freight broker courses to be offered certification.

What Does It Mean To Be A Certified Freight Broker And Working As A Professional Logistics Service Provider ?

A Professional Logistics Service Provider is what we consider to be a true freight broker, a true freight dispatcher and more. The Certified Freight Broker Certification would give you the title as an individual who is knowledgeable and thru your many skills, you help trucking companies grow. This is the ultimate title for anyone who wants to build a long lasting career within logistics and by obtaining this certificate, it means you have the necessary freight knowledge and have the skills to move forward.

If I study And Commit Myself To Your Program, Can I find Job Placement With This Certified Freight Broker Certificate ?

YES ! Many freight broker firms honor our Certified Freight Broker Certification and they know without a doubt that you would  be more than qualified to work within their freight broker firm.

If I need Additional Help With My Studies, Do You Offer Something ?

Yes ! We offer a work and learn experience. This is the best method of learning. We place you within a freight broker firm that offers additional on the job experience. We have been doing this for more than 20 years and we know without a doubt that if you work and learn at the same time, this is the best method of learning how to become a freight broker.

Do You Offer Additional Study Resources To Obtain My Certified Freight Broker Certification? 

Yes. We have on online training portal with every type of learning material possible to help you achieve your freight broker certification. You will find over 60 hours of additional teachings on multiple freight broker and dispatching subjects. You will have access to study outlines, videos, and more. Our entire objective is to help you become a true "Professional Logistics Service Provider"

How Much Does The Certified Freight Broker Certificate Cost ?

There is no additional cost for your freight broker certificate. The fee for the test is included with your tuition to our Logistical Development Training Program.

Can I Take The Certified Freight Broker Certification Test When I'm Ready?

Yes. Once you have completed our broker training program, you can take the online test when your ready. We do have a 6 month maximum time limit. So from the beginning of your training until 6 months afterwards you have time to take the Certified Freight Broker Certification exam at anytime.

How Many Questions Are On The Certified Freight Broker Certification Exam ?

More Than 70 and many of the questions pertain to scenario situations and "what would you do" type questions for you to answer.

Certified Freight Broker Certification | Freight Broker License

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