Freight Broker Agent Learning Experience

See value from a DIY Freight Broker Audios

 LFS Class Lectures on a diy audio training program that  has helped
hundreds of learn on how to become a freight broker.

Only $39.00 For A Complete Learn On Your Own Freight Broker Training Program



Learn How To Become A Freight Broker And Build Your Own Freight Broker Business From Home ! We are available by emails always. Ask us anything.



Advance later into one of our advanced freight broker agency positions. Take your skills forward and join us. You will have ongoing training and consulting when you work in one of our firms. Ge knowledgeable today !

Why Become A Freight Broker ?

  • No experience is necessary to get started!

  • Be a part to a $700 billion industry that is growing!

  • Work from home or anywhere in the World !

  • Very low start up cost!

  • Brokering doesn't require employees!

  • Do business anywhere in the U.S. Canada or even International!

  • Easy to relocate, all you need is phone, internet and KNOW HOW!

  • You can always sell your business or pass it on to your family!

  • Easy and profitable add on to existing trucking operations!

  • No special background is required!

What Comes With Your Freight Broker Training

  • Easy access to a web based log in portal that allows you to listen to your training freight broker audios anytime from your computer or phone. 

  • Over 300 pages 2019 Freight Broker Training Manual along with other downloadable learning materials that are accompanied with learning audios for a more in-depth learning experience.

  • Real time approach to moving freight and how to successfully start your own business guidelines with audios.

  • Resource center with key information pertaining to the freight broker industry.

  • Complete freight broker documents and contracts to help you jump start your freight broker business.

  • Free access to questions answered by Michael Thomas

  • Additional BONUS Study Program on " How To Build A Truck Dispatch Business "

  • How to build a trucking company.

  • 30 Minutes Freight Broker Business consulting.

  • Much More !

Online Freight Broker Training

You Receive Freight Broker Training Materials to Help You Learn

The Freight Broker Training Online Course covers the same lecture topics that are taught in- a classroom in our In-Depth Freight Broker Training with our own agents we work with daily.   


Online Audio Freight Broker Training Course is Comprised Of The Following :

  • Over 25 Hours of Recorded " How to become a freight broker" Lecture

  • Freight Broker Training Manual over 300 pages

  • Self-Paced, At Home Training

  • Guaranteed Agent Placement

  • Resource page with Freight Broker documents and Contracts

  • Unlimited Email Support 

  • Additional Freight Broker Topics With Outlines And Audio

With these recorded freight broker audio sessions, you have the ability from your own home computer to be able to hear the instructor’s recorded lectures.You can also listen to these recordings anytime from anywhere. All devises are supported.

You have the ability to gain the in depth freight broker knowledge from over 20 years of experience within the lectures. These freight broker audios have the knowledge that will teach you from multiple perspectives on how to move freight daily with shippers and carriers. You also lean how to build your business with multiple possibilities of generating an income.


Boost—then prove

Improve the impact of your knowledge in logistical industry with a clear measurement framework—including FREE 30 MINUTES Freight Broker Business Consultation that help you boost your success—from MICHAEL THOMAS


Secure your investment

With your purchase, you receive at a no additional cost or obligation  30 minutes of consulting with Michael Thomas on freight broker business strategies. Gain priceless information on how to jump start your freight broker business and the most practical ways of moving forward. 


You receive over 300 pages 2019 Freight Broker Training Manual Guideline that your audio teachings follow

Downloadable materials

Your simple DIY in-depth learning materials to assist your knowledge with learning how to become a freight broker by audio 


Free 30-minutes professional consulting strategy with no obligation for services.Valid for 90 days. We like to chat about potential opportunity's you might have.

Why Our DIY Freight Broker Training Is Unique 

Logistical Forwarding Solutions offers a home study course for anyone to learn freight brokering, trucking company start-up and how to build a truck dispatch business all combined within these freight broker training audios. The teachings not only describe and show you how to be a freight agent, Understanding the FMCSA Guidelines, How to Contact Shippers, and how to work with Qualified Motor Freight Carriers; the teachings will show you also how to take this knowledge and make actual money with this knowledge. 

Our audio on Freight Broker Training Online course covers becoming a freight broker and performing the day-to-day duties of a broker. This freight broker audio course will enable anyone to build their freight broker business by owning their own freight broker company or working as a freight agent with guaranteed agent placement.Our online course provides a very convenient and self-paced option to our students. In order to present this class, we utilize recorded audio platform.

Frequently Asked Questionds

How much does it cost to get into this business?

The freight broker audio training is only $59.00. After you learn all the necessary information, you can get your broker business  for under $3000.00 dollars with your State and federal filings for your MC# and DOT #. If your working as a freight agent, we highly recommend getting into our freight broker agent training class for only $250.00 . Knowledge is key to keep from making financial mistakes. Regardless becoming a freight broker or freight agent is very affordable.