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How To Become A Freight Agent

How to become a freight agent

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This Freight Agent Training Opportunity is only offered to individuals who are approved and qualified to enter into a partner Freight Broker Agent Contract with one of our Freight Broker Firms with LFS. The training course has a fee of $510.00 and last for 3 to 4 months. Within the first three weeks an individual should be able to begin working while continuing to learn within the freight agent training course. We Do Not Offer Freight Agent Training just for hire Agent Opportunity Here 


LFS Can Help You Become A Professional Freight Broker Agent 

Qualifications Are :

  1. Must Dedicate 10 Hours A Week for your first 2 months.

  2. Must be willing to dedicate to an intensive and focused entrepreneurial freight broker training program.

  3. Must have a home virtual business office established with high speed internet.

  4. Must be willing to work as a team member and cooperate within a network.

  5. Must be willing to brand them selves and represent Americas best Freight Broker Firm.

  6. Must not have been convicted of a felony within the last 3 years.

  7. Must show Integrity and Honesty at all times.

  8. Must Successfully complete the LFS Freight Agent Training Course

If you can answer yes to this, continue reading as there may be an opportunity for you :

View Freight Agent Training Course Material Every Student Has Access To

A freight agent is responsible for sales and matching carriers with customer needs. Most agents work from their own homes, under the direction and authority of a licensed freight broker. Thus they have little or no liability, but are able to earn a significant income based upon the profit their customers generate. Agents interact with both shipping customers and motor carriers in an effort to ensure their customers' freight is picked up and delivered on time, in good condition with no problems. Most of a freight agent's day consists of soliciting new customers, providing freight rates, sourcing carriers, negotiating with shippers/carriers, dispatching trucks, scheduling pickup/deliveries and solving problems that could potentially delay or damage a shipment.

There is no better time today to become a freight agent. The logistics industry is in need of great professional agents and learning how to become a freight agent is a wise business decision.

Learn the difference between a freight broker and freight agent Here

The purpose of our Freight Agent Training curriculum is to help individuals who desire to affordably learn the true concepts of being a Property Broker otherwise known as a Freight Broker. The program content is an accumulation of 20 years of freight brokering and trucking experience. Changes in the transportation brokering industry have been confusing and changes are happening every year. Its imperative for a person to understand, learn and adapt these changes by the federal regulatory division of the FMCSA.  The only brokering of freight now permitted by the FMCSA is done by “Licensed Property Brokering”, as defined, as of this writing, as 49 CFR 371.2. This brokering definition is what our curriculum all about.

LFS Fright Broker Training Will Teach You  From The Comfort Of Your Home.
We have spent the last 18 years adapting the methods to teach someone how to become a freight broker and how to start a trucking company. The freight broker training will allow you to learn from a class room setting that is done right from the comfort of your home by adapting live training sessions with also an audio learning program that truly works.. This type of learning is considered old school and is still the best method to grasp the vast amount of information obtained by the audios. If you are interested in learning how to become a freight agent, start your own freight broker business, or start a trucking business, then these audios will give you all the information needed to do so.We are the Professionals within the freight broker industry and the original instructors teaching freight broker techniques. Basically you sign up, go online and learn..its that simple !
Our 4 Point Teaching Experience within the LFS Freight Agent Training Course is built from these principle :
1. Priceless Study Materials
You have a vast amount of  study material  that you will follow thru for the next 3 months. This freight agent training material has been put together for the last 19 years that not only teaches you how to become a freight broker agent, but also teaches you the real world entrepreneurial side of growing your freight broker business. We take memory retention into account and try to help each individual cope with the amount of information while learning how to build their freight business. The study material will consist of a 300 page freight broker training manual as well as multiple outlines, videos, and audios.
2. In-Depth 60 Hours Audio Teaching
We utilize training audios that follow along our study material. This allows anyone to begin their freight training on their own and while in the comfort of their home. Once you have finished reading over various subjects and chapters, there are in-depth freight broker training audios that are teachings per chapter and on various key subject. You have the ability to listen, and re listen to any subject at any time.
3. Live Engaged Weekly Study Meetings.
Each freight agent in training meets 3 times a week for a live entrepreneur style teaching. These meetings are scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. CST. These meetings are live virtual meetings where each individual is engaged with questions, and group interactions that allow for an in-depth teaching over the chapter they just finished reading and listened to with audios. We take the reading and audio teachings to another level by meeting live and going over a third time with real world freight broker scenario situations and how to apply the teachings while building their freight agent business. Basically each student receives 3 different styles of teaching and learning opportunity per freight subject and chapter. Read the material, Listen to the audio teachings, get engaged in the live teachings has been a very successful method to help each freight agent grasp the knowledge needed within their 3 month freight agent training course.
4.Work And Learn !
Apply the knowledge while working as a freight agent. LFS has enabled one of the most important teaching factors that helps anyone learn on how to become a freight agent. You work as you learn. This is our 4th key factor to our freight agent training course. Usually after the 3rd week of training, each individual is allowed to take the knowledge they have received and begin to apply it by working and learning. Some agents begin to earn an income right away while others choose to build their freight business foundation directly. Working and learning is very important for your trainign experience and we consult with each agent along the way.

The Key To Success Is Understanding What is A Freight Broker Agent 

What is a Freight Broker Agent ?

They work with shippers and help them to connect and on-board new carriers to move their freight loads.


They are also called Freight Brokers, who are dedicated to finding a freight carrier (truck, train, ship, air) that will move the freight for slightly less than the shipper is willing to pay. We can also describe them as load brokers, truck brokers, or transportation brokers, or 3pl companies. Freight Brokers match available shippers and available trucks while earning upwards of  20% profit per shipment. You are not considered a freight dispatcher but you do work with both the shipper and carrier. With LFS freight broker training school we will teach you how to start brokering freight with our in -house brokerage. Once the freight broker agent training is complete, we will help you with Agent placement within a freight broker firm.

Here are some more freight broker words that might help you understand the logistics terminology we use on a daily bases:

  • Freight broker. A freight broker is the middleman who connects shippers and carriers.

  • Shipper. A shipper is an individual or business that has products or goods to transport.

  • Motor carrier. A motor carrier is a company that provides truck transportation. There are two types of motor carriers: private (a company that provides truck transportation of its own cargo) and for hire (a company that is paid to provide truck transportation of cargo belonging to others).

  • Freight forwarder. Often confused with freight brokers, freight forwarders are significantly different. Forwarders typically take possession of the goods, consolidate numerous smaller shipments into one large shipment, then arrange for transport of that larger shipment using various shipping methods, including land, air and water carriers.

  • Import-export broker. These people are facilitators for importers and exporters. Import-export brokers interface with U.S. Customs, other government agencies, international carriers, and other companies and organizations that are involved in international freight transportation.

  • Agricultural truck broker. Generally small and operating in one area of the country, unregulated agricultural truck brokers arrange motor carrier service for exempt agricultural products.

  • Shipper's associations. Shipper's associations are exempt, nonprofit, cooperative organizations formed by shippers to reduce transportation costs by pooling shipments. Shipper's associations operate in a manner very similar to that of freight forwarders, but their service is limited to their members and is not available to the general public.

Why Become A Freight Agent ?

The trucking industry is demanding better and more professionals to help them grow their trucking business. There is not a better time to become a freight broker agent. With millions of loads needing to be shipped weekly, there is always room for a professional logistics service provider.

LFS Freight Agent Training Is Simple And Effective

The freight broker training teachings follow intensive and informational online group training as well as a DIY Freight Broker Teachings by Audio recordings. You will learn from the classroom recordings and outlines of the “how-to’s” for building a successful freight brokerage or freight broker agency and the in-depth understandings of how to build your freight brokerage within a trucking company. Also included in the freight broker agent training program is how to include a trucking dispatch business. The real world theory of starting a freight moving business in today's logistics industry is what our core teachings follow. 


You’ll gain all the details and “ins and outs” of setting up, opening, and operating a freight brokerage or agency, including licensing and regulations, operations and ratings, sales and marketing, and back office details.


The program is based from curriculum that will teach you the necessary skills and give you the valuable materials and resources to reference as you build your logistics freight business.


Online Virtual Class Instruction is delivered through an old school style that works. You feel as if your setting in a classroom room while being engaged by the Instructor. Also students are encouraged to engage, participate, and be part of the teaching experience. Reading, Listening, and Reiteration are key factors to memory retention and we want everyone to take advantage of our live training sessions.The freight broker teachings are taught from:

  • Understanding the dynamic role of entrepreneurship and small businesses within trucking.

  • Organizing and managing a small trucking business.

  • Ethical issues within logistics and how to avoid them.

  • Financial planning and control for equipment growth. Working with manufactures and investors to build a solid foundation for trailers.

  • Methods of operations and delegations for trucking company freight acquiring and movement.

  • Commercial Insurance requirements

  • Corporate structuring of a logistical trucking business.

  • Strategic marketing, Planning,and SEO, Getting your freight business known to attract new drivers

  • Hot Shot, LTL, FTL, What is what?

  • New shipper development and how to research strategic markets.

  • Building a Freight Broker Agency and establishing  a network of agents within.

  • Understand freight rates and traffic lanes.

  • Understanding Transportation Management Software (TMS).

  • Working with 3rd party factoring company’s to grow your business

  • IFTA Compliance, Permits

  • HOS compliance and dispatching freight within the time limits.

  • SMS Methodology ( Safety Measurement System).

  • Strategic growth within key industry’s

  • How to network with multiple team members focused in one Industry.

  • Freight Broker Training Manual 317 Pages

  • 2017 Pocket Book Guide to Trucking.

  • Keep Trucking online training program.

  • Ascend online TMS training program.

  • Outlines and videos on trucking compliance

Learn From Home How To Become A Freight Broker Agent At Your Own Pace

You can learn how to become a freight broker from the comforts of your home. As a matter of fact we encourage you to. Your freight broker job requires you to work from a virtual office and through our online freight broker training, we show you how to do this. We believe if you can not learn from home on how t become a freight broker, then how will you be successful by working from home. Since your working from home as a freight agent or freight broker, you might as well learn and adapt how to do this. We have spent 17 years finding the right way to teach someone from home on how to be a freight broker or freight agent.

LFS has spent over 17 years working with hundreds of individuals looking to start a freight broker business. The online program will be as if you where back in school. We cover every detail in the training manual with group questions in the end. You are also assigned homework for your daily task. By participating in the exciting group sessions, within 45 days you will have the working knowledge to start your business.

 Your Also Learn How To Include A Freight Dispatch Business

Within our freight broker training program, we include how to incorporate a solid truck dispatch business. This can quickly generate you $500 to $1200 a week income. Its also perfect way of learning the market.
Professional freight brokers can build a solid business moving freight for shippers with carriers as well as building a solid business dispatching trucks from load boards. There are over 200 thousand available loads a day and being a professional freight broker allows you to move freight in multiple ways. The techniques and the skills of how to become a professional freight dispatcher are taught within the 5 day freight broker training course.

LFS freight broker training course is the most well rounded freight broker study course available today. LFS provides multiple techniques of securing freight and how to build a solid freight broker business.

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Freight Agent Training Course