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 Commercial Trucking Passive Income Will Produce Income Weekly 


For nearly 23 Years LFS has been helping investors earn a residual passive income with commercial truck investment opportunity's. We help you create passive Trucking income.

Buying and owning a tractor trailer to move freight with is an amazing commercial trucking passive income opportunity and an exciting passive income investment strategy. Investing into a trucking business that allows your truck equipment to create passive income weekly is something that LFS does daily.

Unlike stock and bond investors, prospective Investment truck owners can use and leverage the high value freight loads as an investment strategy that can be more rewarding and financially lucrative than investing in other large transactions like real-estate. Investment Truck owners are able to create consistent monthly passive income and residuals off the freight market of moving freight loads with their truck investment. 

LFS can offer you several options of placing a truck with us if you are part of our trucking investment group  opportunity.  We have the experts and capabilities of getting trucks to work within 30 days on dedicated high paying freight lanes. These lanes create monthly trucking investment passive income for the right persons who place equipment with LFS today.

We are able to manage your commercial trucking passive income investment on a daily basis by providing the following services.

  • Driver Placement And Hiring

  • FMCSA Regulations Services

  • Complete Dispatch Service

  • Maintenance Program Provided

  • Weekly Settlements Reporting

  • Guaranteed Freight Income

  • Shipper Dedicated Contracts

If you are interested in a commercial truck investment opportunity and you are interested in possibly LFS helping you move forward quickly, Please contact us Today !

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