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Top 15 Freight Brokerage Companies in 2024

Top 15 Freight Brokerage Companies in 2024

Here Is A List Of The Top 15 Freight

Brokerage Companies in 2024

Finding the right freight brokerage is crucial for your business. With so many options available, choosing the best one can feel overwhelming. This guide outlines the top 15 freight brokerage companies in 2024, based on size, customer base, diversification, and years in business.

Top 15 Freight Brokerage Companies in 2024:

  1. C.H. Robinson Worldwide: A global giant with extensive experience and technology solutions. (Founded: 1905, Revenues: $15.8 billion)

  2. Schneider: A well-known brand with a large asset fleet and strong focus on 3PL services. (Founded: 1935, Revenues: $1.6 billion)

  3. J.B. Hunt Integrated Capacity Solutions: A major asset-based trucking company with a thriving brokerage division. (Founded: 1961, Revenues: $2.4 billion)

  4. ArcBest Corp.: A company rooted in innovation with a broad geographic reach and diverse service offerings. (Founded: 1966, Revenues: $1.9 billion)

  5. Allen Lund Co.: A family-owned company known for its commitment to sustainability and strong carrier network. (Founded: 1976, Revenues: $1.5 billion)

  6. MODE Transportation: A rapidly growing company offering full truckload, less-than-truckload, and other services across North America. (Founded: 1989, Revenues: $3.5 billion)

  7. WWEX Group: A family of brands including Worldwide Express, GlobalTranz, and Unishippers, known for their combined strengths and large customer base. (Founded: 1994-1995, Revenues: $4.9 billion)

  8. Landstar System: A platform connecting freight brokerage agencies to a vast network of carriers for various transportation needs. (Founded: 1995, Revenues: $4 billion)

  9. Total Quality Logistics (TQL): A rapidly expanding company with a strong focus on technology and customer experience. (Founded: 1997, Revenues: $8.7 billion)

  10. Echo Global Logistics: A technology-driven company offering full truckload, less-than-truckload, and international services. (Founded: 2005, Revenues: $3 billion)

  11. Nolan Transportation Group (NTG): A 3PL company managing over $15 billion in transportation spend and offering various freight brokerage services. (Founded: 2005, Revenues: $2.2 billion)

  12. Coyote Logistics: Owned by UPS, this company provides truckload, less-than-truckload, and other services with a global reach. (Founded: 2006, Revenues: $5.2 billion)

  13. Arrive Logistics: A digital freight brokerage focusing on automation and a customer-centric approach. (Founded: 2014, Revenues: $2.4 billion)

  14. Ascent Global Logistics: A major player in both brokerage and 3PL services with a strong technology foundation. (Founded: 2017, Revenues: $2.1 billion)

  15. RXO: The freight brokerage arm of XPO Logistics, offering capacity to over 10,000 customers. (Founded: 2022, Revenues: $2.9 billion)

Choosing the Right Freight Brokerage:

While this list provides a starting point, remember to consider:

  • Your specific needs: Analyze your freight volume, types, and required coverage areas.

  • Brokerage's strengths: Choose a company with experience and expertise in your specific needs.

  • Financial stability and safety: Look for a reliable company with a proven track record and commitment to safety.

Remember: Finding the perfect fit requires research and careful consideration. Always research and build that lasting relationship with the right Freight Brokerage!

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