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Why LFS Chooses To Use Ascend TMS As A Transportation Management Software?

Ascend TMS Transportation Management Software

Logistics plays a fundamental role in the world of business today, and any business that downplays this sector will ultimately hurt its bottom line. Although this industry comprises very broad aspects like freight forwarding, TMS, database management, etc., we can easily summarize logistics as the process that oversees how resources are acquired, stored, and conveyed to their final destination.


Logistical Forwarding Solutions has chosen to use Ascend TMS to facilitate its logistics processes because it is a true cloud-based TMS system.


But what does this mean for LFS as a whole? Here we will discuss the impact and implications.  


Why Ascend TMS ?


Logistical Forwarding Solutions (LFS) has been at the forefront of providing logistics services (e.g., trucking dispatch service, freight dispatcher training) and freight broker training for over 18 years.


Conversely, Ascend TMS is the world's number one cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) that offers a comprehensive set of features for shippers and carriers. This freight broker software provides real-time visibility into fleet performance that enables most business owners in the logistics industry to make better decisions that improve overall business operations. 


As endorsed by logistics professionals, the TMS leading software is suitable for various business models, including freight forwarding companies, import/export companies, and transportation service providers. 


With the integration of Ascend TMS in LFS, managing and optimizing transportation services is set to take on a whole new and higher level. So far, it has provided us with the information we need to ensure that our vehicles are maintained properly and that we have sufficient data to make informed decisions regarding fleet scheduling, maintenance, and other fleet management issues. The software's ease of use is also a major plus in our book.


What Is Ascend TMS Capable Of?


As a SaaS product based on Cloud, this trucking company software supports iOS and Android devices, alongside web browsers to perform everything from load management, payment, integration with third-party modules, etc. 


Highlighted below are some of its key features and functionality:


Seamless Reporting: Through the dashboard, users can swiftly access necessary information about the dispatchers, time and date of sales, their most profitable customers, etc. Hence, this reporting system helps users and business owners know where to channel most of their efforts and attention.


Accounting: through Ascend TMS, users can integrate third-party accounting solutions in a few clicks and access essential accounting tools like customer statements, invoicing and settlement, etc., on the go.


Telematics and ELD: Users no longer need to be confined to their offices to access ELD and administrative requirements. With Ascend TMS, users can update this information in real-time and access it anywhere.


Manage Documents: the Ascend TMS software allows users to perform proper document management, which is necessary to achieve operational goals. Whether you're viewing and scanning PODs received from drivers, attaching documents with carriers, managing driver paperwork, etc., this software is an effective way to go about it.


Transportation Management System (TMS): as a TMS and freight broker software, it provides real-time information on the location and performance of all vehicles (trucks and trailers) in the company's fleet. Managers can also track, monitor, and text drivers via the software. And gain real-time access to information on driver availability and compliance with company policies. 


Fleet Performance: The Fleet Performance module aggregates data from all modules in Ascend TMS to provide detailed fleet performance reports for each vehicle in the fleet. The information available includes route history, fuel consumption, hours-of-service compliance, and speed limit violations. Managers can use these reports to identify potential problems early on, thus allowing them to take corrective action before issues become major problems. 


Fleet Health: As a dispatch software, it provides detailed health reports for each vehicle in the fleet. The information available includes preventive maintenance schedules, fuel consumption trends, and other useful health reports. 


Maintenance Schedules: This module provides detailed maintenance schedule information for each vehicle in the fleet. The available information includes preventive maintenance schedules and oil changes scheduled for each vehicle based on mileage, time since the last service, vehicle age, and other factors that may impact performance (e.g., hard or soft braking). 


In addition, some of the key benefits that LFS has found with Ascend TMS are:


1. Increased Efficiency - With Ascend TMS, users can manage their transportation needs more efficiently and effectively. The system provides users with tools to plan shipments, track orders, and monitor carrier performance. This leads to improved shipping times and reduced costs.


2. Greater Visibility into Transportation Processes - Ascend TMS provides users with a clear view of all aspects of their transportation processes. This allows them to identify inefficiencies and make necessary changes to improve performance.


3. Scalability - As a cloud-based system, Ascend TMS can be easily scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses. This ensures that users can access the features and functionality they need as their business expands.


4. Improved Customer Service - With Ascend TMS, users can provide their customers with real-time updates on shipment status and ETAs. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


5. Enhanced Security - Ascend TMS offers several security features, including data encryption and user authentication, to help protect users' data.


6. Reduced Environmental Impact - Through Ascend TMS, users can help to reduce their company's environmental impact. The system provides users with tools to track and manage emissions from their transportation operations. This allows businesses to meet their sustainability goals.


7. Cost Savings - Overall, businesses that use Ascend TMS can save money on their transportation costs. The system's features and functionality help users optimize their shipping operations and avoid overspending.


8. Flexibility - The Ascend TMS and freight broker software is a flexible solution that is easily expandable. With the capability to add modules and services, Ascend TMS provides the flexibility to meet the needs of all types of fleet managers.


9. Cost-Effective Solutions - To provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions, Ascend TMS has developed a modular design that allows easy expansion. The core modules are built on one platform with an open architecture that allows easy integration and customization. This enables fleet managers to quickly and easily add new content or upgrade existing modules as needed.


10. Simplicity - The Ascend TMS / company trucking software is designed to be simple to use and understand by all staff members – from management to drivers, mechanics, dispatchers, and more! A single user interface makes it easy for anyone in the organization who needs information about their vehicles – whether drivers or managers -to have quick access to key vehicle information via the dashboard.

Final Remarks


LFS has chosen to use Ascend TMS because it is a comprehensive, cloud-based freight broker software that offers a single platform that can manage all aspects of trucking operations. It is designed to help fleets improve efficiency, optimize costs, and enhance customer service. Additionally, Ascend TMS provides real-time visibility into fleet performance and enables LFS to make better decisions to improve overall business operations.


It is easy to see why Ascend TMS is an essential part of our fleet management tools.

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