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How To Become CARB Compliant To Move Freight In California

How To Become Carb Compliant For California Freight Loads
How To Become CARB Compliant For California Truck Loads

If you’re a truck driver or owner operator who started their trucking business and you want to move freight thru California then you probably have heard of or had experience with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and their regulations. California CARB compliance impacts all diesel trucks from 14,001 pounds on up

Also all drayage trucks that move freight to and from rail yards and ports in the State of California must be registered with CARB. So, if you’re hauling in California or planning to get into the port freight work with your trucking business, then CARB compliance is a must. Enforcement with the California DMV started January 1, 2020. Now, there are only two remaining years. All trucks in California will need to have a 2010 or newer engine by December 31, 2022.

What is the purpose of the CARB registration?

Trucking companies who are domicile in California need to be registered with CARB so that there’s a record of emission compliance with the the State Of California.. All other Trucks moving freight thru California must have an engine year of 2007 or newer, and then by 12/31/2022, all trucks must have an engine year of 2010 or newer. If your truck fits these parameters, you should have no trouble registering with CARB.

TRU (Transportation Refrigeration Unit) Reefer Guidelines California.

If you move refrigerated or temperature controlled freight then you must meet the TRY guidelines. You can find TRU Guidelines and information here : .

For now, any refrigeration unit that is 2011 or newer are fully compliant. In order to show compliance, carrier must enter their TRU’s with the CARB board, and can do so online on the CARB’s TRU website at

Here is the link for owner operators working within the Drayage industry or Refrigerated freight industry to register for TRU

California DMV has a website for you to be able to check if your engine is compliant to pass thru. You can visit this link to check your Commercial Truck Engine for CARB Compliance

With a shortage of vehicles that is estimated to last until 2022, truck owners are encouraged to research the California CARB requirements. Freight coming out of California is known to pay higher rates, as long as your truck is CARB compliant.


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