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How To File A Complaint Against A Freight Broker With The FMCSA ?

How To File A Complaint Against A Freight Broker
How To File A Complaint Against A Freight Broker

Working with freight brokers today can be a daunting task as there are so many new freight broker companies popping up in the logistics world. If you have found yourself in a position to where you want to file a complaint against a freight broker, then you can read below as to how to do this. Knowing how to file a complaint against a freight broker with the FMCSA will give you an advantage to help the logistics industry become more professional and keep the so called bad brokers out of the game. You can also visit Logistical Forwarding Solutions and learn more information on freight broker topics.

To help yourself to not get into a situation where you must file a complaint against a broker, its best to practice due diligence on every new freight broker company you want to work with. Each trucking company must make sure to verify the freight broker company and have a credit check performed to make sure the freight broker company is legitimate. Working with a viable factoring company can help you navigate these bad freight broker companies and keep you moving forward with good paying freight loads. A solid freight broker factoring company will have a thorough credit check program so that you can better verify new freight brokers and decide if you should do business with them. If you need help choosing a solid factoring company, please feel free to contact us and we will introduce you to the best.

As trucking company’s begin to move freight loads and grow, they might find themselves taking the risk to work with new freight broker company’s, and they might find themselves in a situation where they have not been paid for the load they hauled. You may also have found yourself in a situation where a freight broker company has not been truthful about a freight load you just moved and you feel you have been wrongfully miss led about information and transparency of the load.

You want to always be careful when hauling for brokers that you are not familiar with. Especially during times like this, some freight brokers have no intention of paying for the services they provide.

The first option to protect yourself when you have not been paid for a load is to file a claim against the surety bond of the freight broker, the result is usually a small payment and if the freight broker owes multiple carriers, you could receive nothing at all if others have filed before you.

The next option would be to file a claim against the broker with the FMCSA Finally, this can be done thru the FMCSA’s National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB).You can file a complaint by clicking on the following link: Once you have filed a complaint against the broker, the FMCSA will assign your complaint to a DOT agent who will reach out to you and begin to investigate the complaint.

If you find yourself needing more guidance and help with filing a claim against a freight broker, Logistical Forwarding Solutions has partner with This is a service where you can have a professional team help you collect damages that might be owed to you from non professional work from a freight broker company.

How To File A Complaint Against A Freight Broker can help you get the right knowledge and best options for bringing your complaint to the correct regulatory agencies. For further information and to contact this service please visit their site.

Also read an update by the FMCSA on the complaint procedure for Freight Brokers And Trucking Companies Here


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