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What is a Freight Agent Business Model?

LFS is the only company within the industry that is pushing and teaching the freight agent business model and here is why.

We have seen over the last 20 years’ individuals who are trying to open a new freight broker business with no experience fail because of this very important reason, they were alone and bit off more than they could chew… In short, they did not prepare for what follows in their business and that is a lot of labor intensive contacting and networking that can be overwhelming for a new company start up.


LFS believes that when you build a new freight broker business, you need to be prepared to include a structured program for freight agents. This should be your first focus before you ever contact a shipper or carrier. You would want to have a foundation that enables you to quickly bring on new freight broker agents that can take up the slack of your contacting needs and help increase the shipper and carrier contact ratio.

Having multiples agents can be very rewarding. They allow a new firm to jump ahead quickly by working in a group. The freight agents also work under a 1099 contract position and this allows them to build their business within your freight broker business.

The more freight agents you have, the more contacts and opportunity’s you will begin to achieve.

Here’s some important reasons to have a freight agent business model in your freight broker firm.


  • The more agents, the more opportunity’s, the more opportunity’s, the more money for everyone.

Freight agents can bring with them many opportunities’. Some of these are they might already have carriers and potential shippers to contact or possibly even contracts ready to be moved on. Qualified freight agents who are dedicated can help change your broker business from having no carriers to having 100’s of carriers ready to move your freight.

  • Freight Agents allow your business to grow more productive.

Its better to have ten people making 3 shipper contacts a day than only one person making 3 contacts a day. 30 will always out win 3. Freight brokering is a number business and eventually the numbers begin to pay off. All it takes is to gain a few shippers with the right amount of loads and your business is a success. Having multiple freight agents in multiple states focusing on the same industry can be a winning situation for all.



  • Freight agents will give your company a more professional look.

Having freight agents will give your company more exposure and a better professional feel. Carriers and shippers all know that if your alone, you will probably drop the ball at some point. There’s only so many hours in a day and so much one person can do. Having a backup team is more appealing and reassuring to shippers. You can also use social media with each agent branding your company over multiple logistics platforms that will bring exposure to your freight broker firm overnight.

  • Build the right business model and your Freight Broker Business Can Grow.

Having a freight broker business means you have an organization and you must have management built into your broker firm. LFS has developed the key structure to help you do this. Not only can LFS provide you with qualified freight agents, but we also have the freight agent training foundation for them to go thru so they are prepared and ready to begin working in your broker firm. Having every agent on the same program and business minded will produce results. LFS has hundreds of potential qualified freight agents interested in working with a new solid freight broker business. LFS also teaches that Providing a continuing training program for freight agents is what most agents want within a firm and we can help your broker business with these needed tools. Dedicated freight agents will want to work with a freight broker firm that has the right freight moving tools and resources for them to grow and to network. Understanding that not being alone in this business is the first step to success.


Qualifying your agents can be a task and has to be done properly. It’s a good idea to work with a company that offers the training and foundation to guide your agents. You supply the firm and LFS can supply the freight agents. This is best for both sides. Your freight agents are properly trained and are satisfied and confident to begin their business. Your freight broker firm has new eager freight agents ready to build and grow your firm. Everyone is happy and satisfied within.

LFS has the ability to interview and qualify individuals who have a professional background, some logistics experience, and the eagerness to learn. Once we qualify the right individual, we are able to offer them the chance to build their own business under the umbrella of a solid freight broker firm.


Contact LFS today to learn more on how we can help you grow your freight broker business.

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