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Freight Dispatcher Course Online And freight Broker Course Online

Americas Most In-Depth
Truck Dispatch Training Course  
Freight Broker Training Course. 
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We Offer Strategic Logistics Services For Truck Dispatch Course Training and Freight Broker Training Courses

LFS Offers a professional and tailored Truck Dispatch Training Course that allows you to learn how to build trucking company's from your knowledge. LFS truck dispatch training course is built within our logistical development training program and the truck dispatch training course also comes with a certification. 

Building a truck dispatch business will help you learn the mechanics and understand the flow of the load movement. This training is also coupled within the freight broker training course and we believe that in order to be an amazing freight broker, you need to be an extraordinary truck dispatcher.

Why LFS Freight Broker Training Is The Best ?


We Are The Original Company Who Published The First Training Information Material When Dialup Internet Began !

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Learning how to become a freight broker today is one of the best home based businesses you can have. Our in-depth freight broker training course will teach you how to become a Professional Logistics Service Provider and with your skills and knowledge your job is to build trucking companies. American trucking companies will seek out the skills and knowledge you learn from our freight broker course and you will have the ability to work with carriers daily building them consistent freight, helping them establish compliance, and also taking them direct to shippers. We believe its important for anyone who is searching for the right freight broker training course to understand exactly what it is they are actually trying to become. With our freight broker training course you will know your place within logistics and you will have the confidence and ability to make a difference in carriers lives. For this reason we believe that is what makes our freight broker training course the best in the industry.

Not only is our course the most comprehensive broker/dispatch training, we have made it more

accessible and very affordable for everyone interested in becoming a freight broker or dispatcher.  You can now study when it is most convenient for you.  Simply join FREIGHT UNIVERSITY for a low one time fee and continue the training as long as you need for a low monthly fee. No Contracts, Cancel anytime! 

  Freight University 

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Freight University Truck Dispatcher Course Online

 Our Truck Dispatch Training Course And Freight Broker Training Course Is Combined at Freight University.Online

LFS has been providing a virtual live freight broker training course  and truck dispatch training course for over 20 years. Each year we continue to improve and make our freight broker training unique and we teach from the Invoke Your Thinking Concept which comes from an entrepreneurial training experience.  While being part of our freight broker training course we have also built into the broker training a unique approach to our amazing truck dispatch training course. Our focus is to help you learn how to take the knowledge and turn it into a realistic income by moving freight loads consistently and providing truck dispatch services thru your professional skills. When you enroll into our live freight broker training course online you have the ability to sit in class three days a week with other like minded individuals who are part of the freight broker training program. Being in a group while learning helps you to learn as a team and our thought process of invoking your thinking will help you learn more quicker and to retain the vast amount of teaching you endure during the freight broker training course. You also have daily live support from your freight broker training instructor and access to an online freight broker training portal that is stocked full of more than 20 years of how to become a freight broker and also truck dispatch training materials.

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The purpose of our Freight Broker Agent Training Course is to help individuals who desire to affordably learn the true concepts of becoming a Property Broker otherwise known as a Freight Broker. We also teach truck dispatcher training within our freight broker training course. The program content is an accumulation of 20 years of freight brokering and trucking company development experience.


Freight Broker Certification And Freight Researcher Certification Offered Within LFS Freight Broker Training Course

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LFS Offers the #1 Most Prestigious Professional Logistics Certification within the Trucking Industry. Once you have completed our freight broker training course you are given the opportunity to receive certification for your hard work and achievement.


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We Offer Also at Freight University.Online:
Freight Researcher Certification Offered For Working Within Freight Dispatching
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Learn How To Become A Freight Agent With LFS Freight Broker Training Course

Learn With Us.. Work With Us ! We provide Freight Agent Placement !

Freight Agents Wanted .. Apply Now
How To Become a Freight Agent?
freight agent training

Many times a person will hear about a freight broker and the job of them moving freight with trucking companies. The persons interest is peeked when they also learn how they are able to work from home as a freight broker agent and make a decent income, and this makes any person wonder how they too can become a freight broker. Learning to become a freight broker can be rewarding and your job is to help build the trucking companies freight loads and help keep owner operators with dedicated loads and services to keep the dispatched consistently. Any person wishing to learn how to become a freight broker agent also needs to understand that freight broker training is crucial in order to be successful. An effective freight broker training course is essential for new property brokers. The true freight broker is a person knowledge, and the knowledge of freight is the key ingredient.

How to become a freight dispatcher

LFS has been providing multiple logistics services to trucking company's and freight broker businesses for more than 20 years. Our Freight Dispatch Training Course teaches individuals how to apply truck dispatch services to our trucking companies all over America. Our goal is to help you connect the Dots within logistics that ultimately leads to you taking your truck dispatch clients and brokering freight loads to them consistently. Our freight broker training course teaches complete freight dispatch training and the importance of why you will always be truck dispatching if you are working within logistics. The freight dispatch training last for 3 months and not only do you learn how to dispatch trucks, but you also learn how to grow the carriers business by your skills and knowledge. Dispatching trucks is critical and we take the freight dispatch training serious.

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Freight Broker Training Testimonials

Ive worked with LFS for over 8 years now and we continue to keep growing organically the right way with our Freight Broker Business

Jason Weathers
CEO of Blessed Transportation

Freight Broker Training 
Logistical Forwarding Solutions

LFS has been providing professional freight broker training and business consulting for trucking companies and freight brokers agency's for over 20 years

Online Freight Broker Training Course
Freight Agent Job Placement

Finish our in-depth freight broker training and LFS has freight agent job placement waiting for within our prestigious partnered freight broker firm. Our freight broker training program will have you working and learning at the same time.

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